Why do I blog?

I have never imagined me blogging ever. I didn’t understand why people blog and who would read it. I have never experienced blogging before neither creating, following nor commenting others. Blog in my view is the… Continue reading


As an MSc Digital Marketing student at University of Southampton, I have been asked to participate in MOOC. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course which encourages learners to share their thoughts and… Continue reading

Is storytelling commercial always effective?

Storytelling is part of our everyday lives. We share our experiences with others. Human remembers stories because a story includes characters, actions, situations and emotions. This is why storytelling techniques is highly applied… Continue reading

Leaflet or leave it

What do you think about leaflets you get when you walk into a fair or just walk pass a coffee shop? How do you feel when you get one? I feel like all… Continue reading

Butter-grilled scallops

Last night, I went to the Monday fisherman market near my flat where I could find huge alive seafood ingredients. Tonight I will try the scallops. However, I have never ever cook scallops myself before, but… Continue reading

Are you a free labour?

Have you ever thought about the brand name or the logo on your shirt that besides from the identity it gives you, you are also being used as a free labour to promote… Continue reading